Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Its funny how I randomly chose to present on Summer Palace and then you changed it to a movie I actually enjoy watching regularly, Lost in Translation. What I like about it isnthat, it doesn't reach out to the mainstream audience in film. All the action and fast paced movements are what catch peoples eye nowadays. This movie is enjoyable and relaxing. 

Not only is it enjoyable but it symbolizes how western Japan tried to be. Not necessarily the trasditions and the language but the everyday life style. They want the world to seem like they are a part of the West. The pop kind of life and the rock and roll type of attitude. Although most Americans aren't like that, our mainstream media sure was.

My group has been meeting for a while watching clips and discussing many aspects from globalization to western influence. You can even say downtown Japan is a colony of the US pop culture. The further you drive away from downtown Japan, the less western influence you see. This was a great movie selection. I'm sure Summer Palace was a very interesting movie but Lost in Translation was an amazing replacement. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

In a world where we live on a constitution of equality, that's the one thing we disobey. Everyone tends to one up each other and become the best in their own community of mutual friends. Broly fights for that everyday. He is a man who worries about materialistic for emotions on aspects, just physical. Broly is a man whose greatest power is to be then one with the greatest power. Among his speed and mind, his strength overcomes all. His own villain is himself. As strong as Broly gets, he sees himself in the mirror and sets on becoming stronger than the person he sees. As strong as he gets, his speed and mind strength increase. Along the way he realizes he can put his superhuman strength to good use, in the footsteps of someone close to him.

Broly is the son of Bran Snow who was a part of a secret society known as the Nights Watch, whose main purpose is to protect those who are weak. Broly and his father were separated at his birth because of an evil entity that drove his father to retirement from a serious injury. Broly was raised by two normal people who knew of Broly but were told by Bran to say nothing about who he really is. Regardless of not knowing his bloodline, Broly wants to help people. It is when that evil entity returns to kill his father and other innocents that he seeks out Broly and trains him to be a member and possible leader of then Nights Watch.